walking in His steps

its been an incredible busy week here. been focusing on making the reality of Jesus’ last week a present reality for our sojourners here at the outpost. above is from our student ministry experience on Sunday. the audio is portion is our own mckenna banbury and her mom amy sharing. we focused on the journey of Jesus from jerusalem ending at the cross. had 6 different stations…the triumphal entry, cleaning out the temple, the heart of the matter, pause -rest & pray, the betrayal with the final stop at the cross. the evening was a huge blessing on many fronts. our adult leaders really stepped it up and shared in the expereince.

on thursday we celebrated the haggadah.

this was a powerful time.  it was fun to see my bride melinda up on stage with our kidz guy jeff, who is hertiage is jewish.  i heard many say afterward that they have a deeper appreciation for the old testament and its place in our lives as Christ followers.  important stuff to do. my office colleague, vicki and my bride melinda blessed the staff with a traditional passover meal prior to the seder.  it was a nice rest before the pace of the next couple of days.  one of the best dishes at the meal with tzimmies…about the only way i really like carrots.


pastor jeff cooper welcomes while tyler, pastor jeff and melinda are on stage.


we enjoyed a passover meal as a staff prior to the seder. matzah ball soup, tzimmes and even some haroseth thanks to the hosptiality of my bride, rose and office colleague vicki.