what is the future?

spoke on social media yesterday to a group of about 35 local non-profit directors. interesting dialogue. and of course this morning i bumped into john saddington’s post over at www.churchcrunch.com on “trillions are the future.” not sure any of us really understand where this is going,  I always gravitate to the newest edition of “did you know” video.  it always helps to set the tone of the tech world we live in.

but i appreciate the challenge of this second video from john that helps to set the larger picture with some encouragement to make sure we really see how we need to spend some time thinking through how we’re going to get to the next big mountain. there were many sidebars yesterday after the talk. one in particular with a director of a state funded program. the frustration of a bloated and uncaring bureaucracy that wants to build systems that are totally ineffective because of the roll out time from design to bid to implementation.  in the midst of the economic realignment that’s happening and the reality of lives that need intervention right now. interesting stuff.

Trillions from MAYAnMAYA on Vimeo.