what matters more – stockholm syndrome

back in may i posted (which has landed more searches on my blog than anything else i’ve posted since i started blogging a few years ago) about some mystery around derek webb’s new ablum.  here’s the single (ht mike todd) that appears to be creating part of the uneasiness. you can gain some more insight here from bryan allain. all very interesting. i’m thinking there’s a theme developing here today…let’s all…as Christ followers wrestle with what does matter more?

Update://stephen lamb  was at a gathering saturday july 4th (an appropriate date), at The Rutledge in nashville where Derek Webb played a one hour documentary on the making of this new album…you can read about the evening here.  i’m wondering if we really are at a new place in the Story?  stay tuned.  btw you can pre-order derek webb’s  new work –the stockholm syndrome on tuesday 7/7. watch his website for more info.

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