yesterday in joplin was sobering.  for me…for the team.  i’ve seen the destruction in Pleasant Grove, AL…which i thought would prepare me for what we would see in Joplin.  It did not.  Until you see it up close and allow all your senses to experience it goes beyond everything.  to ride 10 miles on our bikes…to see what is left…schools, hospital (which was literally moved 8 foot off its foundation and will be demolished), homes, business…it stirs deep things.  then to spend an hour with survivors..Jason who lost his wife, Jodi who lost her home, others who have been forever altered by the events of 22nd of May.  Yet one thing that became quite clear as Pastor Aaron allow us to see part of his story this past 4 months.  Those that shared…through their tears…told us…DO NOT LOOSE HOPE.  We don’t understand, Jason said about his loss…but this much is true…God does not leave us.

Today our theme is wrestling.  how fitting.  We looked at the story of Jacob and how he wrestled literally with the angel to find blessing.  As we on the team have separated from our families and those things familiar to us we are wrestling as we begin this journey together.    So as we have stepped up and are wrestling with all that this 766 mile ride will bring…i ‘m already realizing deeply that its this “fight’ that changes who were are.  i don’t have as much today to pull together other thots….headed out in just a little bit.   So here’s the question to ponder til tomororow from our devotion booklet:

All humans are divided in to two categories at this moment- those who wrestle with God and those who don’t.  It does not separate by doctrine but by identity.  Are you a God wrestler?  Or have you stopped engaged Him altogether.

Prayer for today:  Please pray for all those who are still suffering from injuries from the tornado in joplin.