w’s legacy

some know my past regarding politics. i still pay attention, but am not engaged much at all. paul kengor a good man at the grove city’s center reminds us of what w’s legacy will really be. here’s the ending clip…

Bob Geldof asked Bush “why doesn’t America know about this?” Bush answered: “I tried to tell them. But the press weren’t much interested.” That’s exactly right—no exaggeration.

I’m not surprised by the lack of credit Bush has received on this from the right. Conservatives don’t like how this president spends money like a drunken sailor, and his actions toward Africa is viewed another such manifestation—a raft of do-gooder poppycock that isn’t the job of the federal government.

The big story is why the left isn’t thrilled, and then, beyond that, the deeper silence that refuses to acknowledge the link between this work of Bush benevolence and his Christian faith. For George W. Bush, this is simply a reward he will need to receive much later—much like the Good Samaritan.