xgames3d-what if “it” is possible

so em and i hit up the 12:01 am show of xgames 3D.  we got to the theater…(em drove).  actually i bought our tickets online just to make sure we’d get them without any hassle.  we pulled in to the parking lot…about 11:35pm.  hmmm…lots of cars…retrieve the tickets from the atm…go and stand in line.  dang…long line.  glad we got here early.  lots of commotion.  11:57pm the ticket taker takes our tickets and says…last door on the left.  we walk past the entire line of folks and realize they are all there for an entirely different movie..REALLY?  so we get to the last door and we ended up having the entire theater to ourselves.  amazing.  xgames 3d is a great flick.  lots of leadership principles on taking risk and staying in the mix.  there are several amazing stories of these amazing atheletes staying in the competition..even with a broken foot or almost a concussion, and yet because of the one opportunity to push themselves and their peers to a whole new level..they stay in it.   in the midst of an incredible 3d experience…and just a lot of amazing eye candy video…there’s some things to take away.

ricky carmichael makes the statement:

in those moments when most people say…

i can’t …

they say…self perservation

they say “what if”… (you might get hurt?)

we say…what if…the other way…what if “it”… is possible?

xgames3d is worth the time. and btw if you click on the link above and then click on media tab you’ll find 3 songs from the soundtack as a gift from the good folks at ESPN.

also it was really fun to see kyle loza practicing in the shadow of saddleback church…and you’ll want to check out kyle’s web presence here.    fun stuff.  oh yeah…this playing for only 1 week.  don’t miss it.