you don’t have to find out you’re dying to start living

the title of this post comes from an interview that 17yr old Zach Sobiech gives as part of his journey with osteosarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer.

I saw this story earlier this year.  It rocked me then.  And then in the rush of everyday life…it got lost…until this morning i saw a post about a gathering yesterday at the Mall of America and spent some time pushing back through it.

Zach turned to music writing to help cope with the reality of what he was facing…a short life.  And its amazing that a song he wrote entitled “Clouds” climbed to #1 on YouTube.  Zach lost his battle to cancer in May.  Yet the impact of his young life is still rippling.  Its crazy.  You can watch the original video My Last Days down below.  But what’s extraordinary is that yesterday, some 5,000 folks gathered in Minnesota to sing together this song he wrote.  Its crazy.  Take a watch…

Yesterday I spent some time in a conversation with a mom who lost her teen daughter to a tragic automobile accident.  I had met the teen at school I visit about two years ago.  I’m guessing this time of year, as families gather, thoughts turn to those that are no longer present…when all we have are memories.  So I was humbled in the conversation as we talked…and the conversation has deepen in me a sense of not missing the ordinary.  This mom has had dozens of conversations since her daughter’s passing with peers that were impacted by her short life.  I wish I could offer many stories to this mom…but I can’t…I offered a few…and they were words that encouraged.  So take a moment and watch this video…and hear from Zach himself and see how he leaned into the difficult reality.  Pay attention to those around him…and then…lean into your own story…and pay attention to the ordinary…don’t miss the opportunities.

ht woollyrhino and soulpancake.