youthscape team renovate

so we’ve stepped into the youthscape even deeper. lots of activity. i’m thinking most folks have a latent “demoliton” wish in their lives. but some very good work has been done and we’ve stumbled on somethings that are making our plans even better. the first priority was to get the electrical straightened out. our good man “hagg” and “mikey” have spent the past three days working making a mess into a masterpiece. it looks very good.

then…we learned a couple of nights ago that the wall that we thought would be our work around can actually be taken out. amazing stuff. that alone has made the project really worth the effort. we’ve got some big things happening this weekend with our pal alan root visting the outpost. surf over to the church site and click on the children’s link and hear the interview on wcrf this morning with our pal mark. we took the night off just to gather our energy. most have a gridiron game to hit tomorrow, so we’ll be back at it strong on sat early in the a.m.!